A MATLAB introduction to wave propagation, Fourier optics, optical filters, and holography.

The examples provided here are built around two core functions : Fresnel propagation of coherent waves, and the optical Fourier transform (a f-f system on either side of a perfect thin lens). run the demo files to find out how to use those functions to simulate custom applications such as optical filtering, dark field imaging, or to estimate the point spread function of a simple aperture-limited optical microscope.

Computer-Generated Hologrpahy by Non-Convex Optimization.

NOnconvex-VOlumetric Computer-Generated Holography (NOVO-CGH) is a new algorithm to generate hologrpahic 3D patterns with an optimization algorithm and a forward model for wave propagation. The cost function can be customized for any particular application (e.g., lithography, neural photostimulation) and can include any known information about the task or the sample such as shape, obstacles, or optical nonlinearity. Details about the algorithm, implementation and performance are in this 2018 paper: